Asma Danish, Malahat Sohaib, Uzma Abdul Jabbar, Samina Shamim.
Frequency of uti in children presenting with fever without focus.
Natl J Health Sci Jan ;4(3):93-6.

Objective: To determine the frequency of Urinary tract infections in children presenting with fever without a focus - a tertiary care hospital experience. Material and Methods: It is a descriptive cross sectional study to find out the frequency of UTI conducted from 26th April to 25th October 2013. Patients of either gender, 1 month to 36 months of age, presenting with the complaints of fever without focus were included. History and physical examination were done; urine sample was collected for analysis and culture. Data was recorded on a pre designed Proforma. Mean and standard deviation for quantitative, frequencies and percentages for qualitative variables were computed. Stratification was done to observe the effects of modifiers on outcome. Post stratification chi square test was applied and p value <= 0.05 was considered as significant. Results: Among total 126 study subjects 62 patients were male. The mean age was 13.96 8.56 months. Mean age of patients was 13.88 6.50 months and 13.97 8.86 months for patients with and without UTI respectively. Among patients with urinary tract infection, 9(52.9%) were male and 8(47.1%) were female patients. Age of 9(52.9%) patients was <=13 months and age of 8(47.1%) patients was >13 months. There was no significant association of UTI observed with gender (p = 0.741) and age (p = 0.794). Conclusion: UTI is a common infection that can be easily missed in young children. Screening patients at risk can lead to proper diagnosis and a reduction in morbidity.

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