Mamoora Arslaan, Nasim Karim, Wahab Baksh Kadri, Shama Asghar.
Local Drug Delivery to Treat Chronic Periodontitis.
J Bahria Uni Med Dental Coll Jan ;10(2):158-62.

Periodontal disease is a chronic inflammatory disease of periodontium characterized by increased pocket depth, clinical attachment loss, sulcular bleeding, and bone loss. Bacterial plaque bio-film stimulates host derived enzymes and cytokines like TNF , IL-1 and matrix metalloproteases that lead to destruction of periodontium, collagenolytic activity, decreased bone mineral density, intra-bony defects and ultimately bone loss. Chronic periodontitis is managed by conventional and systemic approach, where conventional therapy comprises of scaling and root planning. Mechanical debridement of plaque also requires an adjunct to eradicate the root cause of progressing disease. Hence, worldwide paradigm has shifted towards novel therapies; therefore, local delivery of drug is now preferred due to direct access to target sites with considerably less adverse effects and a better approach to deal with chronic periodontitis. The nano-particle technology to treat periodontitis is still an emerging and promising strategy for the management of disease with the provision of minimal dose, less invasive procedure and clinical efficacy.

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