Maryam Faiz Qureshi, Ambreen Usmani.
Clinically Significant Variation of Paranasal Sinuses on CT-Scan.
J Bahria Uni Med Dental Coll Jan ;10(2):152-7.

Anatomical variations are not diseases and can be found in every individual. Due to the anatomical variations, the structural changes occur in nearby anatomical relations. By keeping in mind, the vast range of anatomical variations in nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses (PNS), every case of sinusitis must be planned carefully to avoid dreadful complications of surgical procedures. Sinus anatomical variations have been associated with the etiology of sinusitis. In this regard computed tomography (CT) imaging has become an important diagnostic tool. CT Scan imaging of nose and para nasal sinuses is mandatory in patients with history of sinusitis in order to evaluate the detailed anatomy which includes normal anatomy, anatomical variations, bony details and the extent of the disease pathology. Certain anatomical variants are supposed to be a causative factor for development of sinus pathology and hence it becomes compulsory for the radiologist to be aware of the anatomical variants of nasal cavity and PNS especially if the subject is considered for surgical intervention.

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