Sadia Shakeel, Hina Rehman, Muhammad Rahil Aslam, Sultan Ayaz, Safila Naveed, Sidra Yasmeen.
Application of Spray Drying is a Current need of Pharmaceutical Industry: a Review.
RADS J Pharm Pharmaceut Sci Jan ;7(3):165-72.

Spray drying is one of the most frequently employed technique used in the drying of pharmaceutical yield including manufacturing of powder with desired properties. It is an incessant process wherein any pump able liquid might be transformed in a free flowing powder. Spray drying is appropriate in the drug delivery systems owing to the uniformity of formed particles and well-control on particle size. The technique is proved to be a potential way for systematic delivery of therapeutic peptides, antibiotics and proteins. In current study, the process and use of spray drying were reviewed and the consequences of diverse affecting parameter were explicated. Spray drying is widely employed to dry heat labile products for instance enzymes and proteins with least possible effect on action and generate drugs with better solubility and drying of nanoparticles, granulation, microencapsulation and coating ahead of its renowned application on drying of liquids, aerosols and vaccines. Numerous researches endorsed the application of spray drying in pharmaceutical industry however many aspects required for future development.

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