Masood Ahmed, Farzana Memon, Noreen Irum, Ghulam Mustafa Dahri, Azhar Mughal, Gotam Kumar.
Papaya seeds: their effects on quantitative platetlets count in female rabbits.
J Peoples Uni Med Health Sci Jan ;10(1):47-53.

Objective: To evaluate pharmacological effects of Papaya seeds on quantitative platelets count in female rabbits. Place and Duration of Study: Animal House, Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, at PUMHSW-SBA from Feb 2018 to March 2018. Methodology: For this study thirty adult and healthy female rabbits were selected and subdivided into two groups, Group A (Control) n=15, given only fresh hay & water and Group B (study) n=15, given papaya seeds powder as dose of 500mg once a day along with fresh hay & water provided ad libitum, then blood tests for platelets count were performed on Day 0, 15, 30,45& 60 to observe the effects of papaya seeds on quantitative platelets count. Results: Non-significant increase seen in platelets count in Group-B (study) up to 15th day of study. Conclusion: Papaya seeds having the properties of increasing the count of platelets but can be used for limited time. Further sophisticated scientific research is required to evaluate the platelets increasing properties of Papaya seeds.

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