Muhammad Ihtesham Khan, Saman Waqar, Sunia Arif Khan.
Analysis of clinical and hematological profile in patients having mononuclear infiltration in bone marrow.
J Med Sci Jan ;28(1):25-8.

Objective: To analyze the pattern of clinical features and haematological parameters in patients having mononuclear infiltra-tion as diagnosed through bone marrow aspirate and trephine biopsy examination. Material and Methods: This chart review was conducted using record of bone marrow biopsy done in Khyber Teaching Hospi-tal during January 2016 to June 2019 .The patients of both genders and all ages having mononuclear infiltration in the bone marrow aspirate and trephine biopsy were included in the study. The demographic data , clinical features and basic hema-tological parameters of patients were noted in a Proforma. Standard deviation and mean were used to analyze quantitative variables. Percentages and frequency were used to analyze qualitative variables. Results: Out of 556 bone marrow biopsies, about 30 cases were diagnosed as having mononuclear infiltration . Age range of those patients ranged from 6 months to 78 years. Mean age was 29.35+-7.3 years. There were 22(73%) males and 8 (27%) females. Male to female ratio was 2.7:1. The commonest clinical features observed in patients of mononuclear infiltration included fever (seen in 50% cases), and pallor (seen in 56% cases). The commonest indication for bone marrow were pan-cytopenia and bicytopenia (see in 40% and 33% cases respectively). The significant findings in hematological parameters were low hemoglobin i.e anemia ( seen in 86.6% cases) and thrombocytopenia (seen in6% cases). The trephines were not available in 17 cases, while in the remaining 13 cases, 7(53%) trephine samples had atypical infiltrate , while 6 (47%)trephines were hypocellular.Conclusion: Patients with mononuclear infiltration in their bone marrow present as fever pallor, a low hemoglobin and a low platelet count on their blood count . So constellation of these findings should prompt the physician to keep mononuclear infiltration in differential diagnoses and bone marrow biopsy should be advised to rule out this entity.

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