Aftab Ahmed Khan, Arif Raza Khan, Muhammad Junaid, Mansor Alam, Sajid Ali, Arbab Qasim`.
Enlarged adenoids and allergy in otitis media, an experience at a tertiary care hospital.
J Med Sci May ;28(1):6-9.

Objectives: To estimate the incidence and association of allergy in pediatrics with enlarged adenoids and Otitis media with effusion (OME). Material and Methods: All pediatric patients admitted to the ENT department for adenoidectomy or tympanostomy tube place-ment with OME were examined for any history of allergic diseases from January 2017 to June 2017. Patients were allocated according to the allergic disease and investigated for allergic rhinitis, asthma and eczema. Details about adenoid was also taken from each patient. Results: A total of 132 patients were reviewed during study period. Of these, male patients (n=91, 68.9%) were more than fe-male (n=41, 31.1%) with mean age of 6.52 years (+-3.8 SD). The most common presenting complaint was ear ache (24.2%). Majority of patients (93.9%) had type B tympanogram. Allergic diseases such as, allergic rhinitis (60%) was commonly observed followed asthma (28.8%) and eczema (15.5%). Adenoid was observed in 103 children and majority experienced nasal obstructions adenoids (37.9%) followed by nasal discharge adenoids (30.3%). A statistically significant association was also observed between allergy and enlarged adenoids in this study (p <0.05).Conclusion: There was a close relationship of allergy with enlarged adenoids presented with otitis media with effusion.

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