Afshan Shaikh, Kiran Hilal, Rehman Siddiquie, Abdullah Amin, Shayan Sirat Anwar.
Intralenticular foreign body: a case report and literature review.
Pak J Radiol Jan ;30(2):134-7.

The purpose of this case was to review the reported cases and provide a better understanding of patients with intralenticular foreign bodies (FBs) and also, including clinical presentation, diagnosis, management, and visual outcome. A 5-year-old male child was referred by the ophthalmologist with suspected intraocular FB. Under slit-lamp examination, a full-thickness corneal wound with generalized corneal edema was revealed. The anterior chamber was deep with cells and lense appears hazy suggesting acute cataract formation. B-scan ultrasonography was performed which shows a well-defined, linear echogenic foreign body within the lense which cast significant posterior acoustic shadowing. The lense appears echogenic suggestive of rapid cataract formation. The patient underwent surgical treatment on the next day he presented to OPD which shows a pointed part of pencil within the eye and is completely embedded in the lens; the lens and FB were removed together during the operation. In addition to the case report, some 29 previously reported cases of intralenticular FB are reviewed here. Patient demographics, time and course of management, and visual outcome are all summarized and compared.

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