Shafiq Anwer, Hayat Zafar PM, Hayat Awan.
Radiological presentation of pulmonary mycosis.
Pak J Med Res Jul ;42(1):27-32.

This study was conducted over a period of two years in Nishtar Medical College and Hospital Multan. During this period 610 indoor patients suffering from various respiratory diseases were admitted and different laboratory investigations, radiological investigations and skin allergic testing were performed and 50 patients with repeated sputum positive for fungus were isolated. The peak incidence was in the age group 21-30 years. The incidence of pulmonary myocosis is 8.2 percent and statistically higher in male as compared to female (P<0.01). Out of these 50 patients 38 were males and 12 females. Further scrutiny showed that 35 had candida albicans, 11 aspergillus and 4 mucormycosis. From the analysis of initial signs and symptoms and their modifications and investigations including radiological helped us in the diagnosis. In our study 4 cases of bronchogenic carcinoma were detected and the fungus isolated were candida and aspergillus. Lung abscess was observed in 3 cases and the fungus isolated was aspergillus fumigatus. Intracavitary fungus ball was observed and fungus isolated was aspergillus. Bronchiectasis was observed in 3 cases and the fungus isolated was aspergillus niger and candida albicans. Pneumonia was the underlying cause in 7 cases of pulmonary mycosis and the fungus isolated were candida, aspergillus and mucor. Most of the cases had pulmonary tuberculosis and fungi isolated were candida, aspergillus and mucor. Profuse growth of fungi i.e. candida, aspergillus and mucor are described in our study. In aspergillus profuse growth, having a zone of haemolysis which is characteristic feature is described. In mucormycosis, the profuse growth hyphae are described and in candida characteristically spores in magnified pictures are produced in the study. Out of 35 patients having candida albicans 17 are living while 18 had died due to associated diseases. Out of 11 cases of aspergillosis 9 are living and 2 died. Out of 4 cases of mucor mycosis 2 are living, one died and one was not traceable. The average prevelance was in the age 45.8±19 years. The mean survival time was 18.4±13.5 months and mean survival time of candida, aspergillus and mucor was 16±13.7, 25.2±10.3 and 21±12.7 months respectively.

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