Tooba Masood.
Covid-19: the Wuhan Pandemic.
J Bahria Uni Med Dental Coll Jan ;10(3):251-3.

Coronavirus belongs to a large family of viruses that usually cause respiratory illness in human beings that can be mild and severe depending upon the strain. In 2002, the outbreak of SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) reported more than 8000 infected cases with 774 mortalities. In 2012, the outbreak of MERS (middle east respiratory syndrome) infected around 2494 people and 858 deaths were reported according to the WHO. In January 2020, a new strain of coronavirus named 2019-nCoV has been identified in China. The number of confirmed cases has been increasing reaching 5,593,631 cases worldwide with 353,334 deaths up till 28th May 2020 according to WHO situation report-129. Concerned authorities are working on minimizing its spread. Prevention guidelines have been released by WHO, hoping to control the transmission and save the world from the effects of this novel virus.

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