Shabih Zehra, Atif Latif, Asiya Kazi, Syed Ijaz Hussain Zaidi.
Correlation between Inferior Vena Cava Diameter Assessed on Ultrasonography and Central Venous Pressure among Critically ILL patients Admitted in Intensive Care Unit.
J Bahria Uni Med Dental Coll Jan ;10(3):188-91.

Objective: To assess the correlation between inferior vena cava(IVC) diameter and central venous pressure (CVP) in critical patients admitted in ICU. Study Design and Setting: The cross-sectional pilot study was conducted at Radiology Department of PNS SHIFA Hospital. Methodology: 18-80 years patients were included and patients with severe orthopnea, unable to lie in supine position, morbid obese, pneumothorax, mass in mediastinum, tricuspid regurgitation and intra-cerebral bleeds were excluded. Results: The mean age of 50 patients was 41.44+-16.73 years. Mean measurement of CVP was considered as 10.41+-4.18 mm. Mean diameter of IVC was 12.65+-2.22 mm. The study results showed weak negative correlation between the CVP and IVC (r= - 0.110, p=0.04). It was also predicted that patients with age =50 years showed weak negative correlation between the CVP and IVC (r=-0.290, p=0.034). Similarly, in patients with age >50 years there was strong negative correlation between CVP and IVC (r=-0.680, p=0.045). The study results also showed that in male patients there was weak negative correlation between the CVP and IVC i.e. (r=-0.045, p=0.048). However, in female patients there was moderate positive correlation (r=0.685, p=0.001). Conclusion: Weak negative correlation was found between inferior vena cava diameter on ultrasonography and central venous pressure measurement among critically ill patients.

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