Sadaf Rashid, Sayed Haider Imam Zaidy, Hafiz Muhammad Umar.
Psychological health and people perceptions about dengue.
Pak J Med Health Sci Jan ;13(4):740-1.

Aim: To assess the effects of dengue fever on mental health. Patients were taken from the Ganga Ram Hospital Lahore . Both men and women of age between 17 - 87 years were included in the study . Methodology: Patients were divided into three groups i.e. patients who suffered from dengue, recovered from dengue fever and were afraid of that they might have the disease but undiagnosed . Results : There was a significant difference on the level of depression among all three groups and comparison showed significant level of depression in the undiagnosed patients but afraid of being diagnosed as dengue when comparing with recovered and diagnosed subjects . A highly significant difference on the scores of anxiety among patients of three groups. Patients who were not diagnosed with dengue were higher on the anxiety scores than the other two groups. Among the other two groups, recovered cases were higher on anxiety than the diagnosed cases.

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