Arshad M Malik, Manal Arshad Malik.
A case of ingrown toenail with maggots: a personal experience.
J Shifa Tameer-e-Millat Uni Jan ;3(1):56-7.

The invasion of the skin and sub-cutaneous tissues with larvae (Maggots) is not infrequently seen in humans. It is basically the flies which feed on living tissues and lay eggs which develop into maggots and start eating the dead tissue. We present a very unusual case of a 35-year-old, mentally retarded man who presented with infected ingrown toenail. The patient had inborn deformity and crowding of the toes. On examination a large number of maggots were found crawling over and coming out from deeper tissues. The wound was explored and treated by excising the tissue alongside the nails with nail removal at the same time. The nail plate excised on the sides and maggots cleared.

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