Akhtar Ali, Saleha Zafar, Muhammad Abid Munir, Samina Khaliq, Imran Sarwar.
Drug Susceptibility Pattern of Mycobacterium tuberculosis among Type II Diabetes patients.
Pak J Chest Med Jan ;25(3):100-5.

Background: Prevalence of diabetes is on the rise in TB endemic countries. Co-existence of TB and diabetes increase the complications as well as cost of treatment with bad therapeutic outcomes, further drug resistance TB has frightened the world. Methodology: Present study was undertaken to see the patterns of drug susceptibility and to compare the drug resistance patterns among patients of TB with and without type II diabetes mellitus. Results: A total of 268 subjects with mean age of 40+-16 years were included for final analysis. Mean age of TB group was 36+-16 years while mean age of TB & DM group was 50+-12 years. Frequency of MDR TB, Rifampicin, Isoniazid and streptomycin resistance was significantly high among TB & DM group compared to TB group (p-value <0.05). In significant difference (p-value >0.05) was observed regarding resistant to ethambutol. Conclusion: Patients suffering from DM are at higher risk of getting primary Drug resistant TB as compared to non-diabetics, however various underlying disorders and comorbidities also effect the drug resistance pattern of patients having TB with DM. Integrated approach of diabetes and TB control programs is necessary for prevention and control of drug resistance TB.

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