Fariha M Khalid, Syed Mukarram Hussain.
Fibrous adhesive band causing subacute small bowel obstruction.
Pak J Surg Jan ;36(1):96-8.

In todays world where abdominal operations are common, adhesions and bands are the most common cause of intestinal obstruction. The risk of adhesive small bowel obstruction, after abdominal surgery is around 4% and the risk of acquiring subsequent laparotomy is around 2%. A case was reported of a male patient complaining of severe abdominal pain, feeling of fullness and vomiting. Upon investigation and conservative management leading to surgery small bowel obstruction by adhesive band was discovered. Small bowel was mobilized after performing resection of the adhesive band. Recovery was uneventful. Conclusion: Adhesions start to form within hours of surgery. Common causes for intraabdominal adhesions include acute inflammation, foreign bodies, infections and chronic inflammatory conditions. Adhesions can be classified into two types; early fibrinous, which can disappear when their cause is removed, or they can become vascularized and are replaced by mature fi brous tissue.

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