Zia-ud Din, Hamid Hussain, Sofi Kabir, Farhana Jabeen Shah.
Burden of Accidents Involving Motorcyclists in District Kohat, Pakistan.
J Gandhara Med Dent Sci Jan ;6(1):23-8.

OBJECTIVES:The main aim was to assess the frequencies of accidents of motorbike in previous one year and also to estimate the factors related with the accidents.METHODOLOGY:The study design was quantitative and the data was collected from motorcyclists. In order to collect the primary data; a structured questionnaire was used. We interviewed 412 motorcyclists. Almost all the motorcyclist responded and thus we achieved 99% response. Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 21 was used to enter data, clean it and analysis.RESULTS:After the analysis we got hold of some factors, which were associated with accidents. Some of these factors were human, vehicle and environment related factors completing the epidemiological triad of agent, host and environment. CONCLUSION:Based on the results of the study we concluded that bikers must shun the practice of speeding over and above the limits of speed given by the government, one-wheeling, and listening to music while driving. Moreover, the bikers must be taught the basic skills of motorbike riding by authorized personnel and keep latest models of motorbikes, which are in excellent condition. The guardians or parents along with the law enforcement agencies must make ensure that biker must get a license before using the bike.

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