Sofia Shehzad, Zainab Waheed, Samir Khan Kabir, Sofia Haider Durrani, Mohammad Ilyas, Afaq Farooq.
Students Feedback about Lecture Rooms to Improve the Effectiveness of the Lectures.
J Gandhara Med Dent Sci Jan ;6(1):19-22.

OBJECTIVES: The study aim was to determine the feedback regarding the environment, satisfaction and further needs for modification in improving the effectiveness of the lecture. METHODOLOGY: It was a cross-sectional study to measure the student's feedback about lecture rooms to improve the effectiveness of the lectures. A questionnaire was designed to assess the student's response about the environment of the lecture room, the learning experience of the students, needs of other lecture rooms’ modification, seating design and temperature of the lecture room. The total numbers of the participants were 115 students including both genders from Sardar Begum Dental College, Peshawar. Second- and fourth-year professional students were excluded from the study. Responses were recorded from 115 participants of the first- and third-year students of BDS. The obtained data were analyzed using SPSS 20. RESULTS:This study results showed that 100% of the students were satisfied with the environment of the classroom, to improve the learning experience 98% of the students were detected, 91% of students required modification of lecture rooms. 47% of the students preferred chairs with tables, 40% bench with tables and 11% are satisfied with the current setup. Twenty-four per cent of students suggested heaters in the lecture room during winter, 1.7% required air condition and 35% of students were satisfied with the room temperature. 38% of the students were satisfied with the effectiveness of the lectures.CONCLUSION:Students’ feedbacks were satisfactory and it enhanced their learning experience. Students preferred the change in the seating design, chairs with tables.

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