Maimoona Qadir, Sohail Amir.
To Determine the Frequency of Pyrexia in Women with Prelaborrupture of Membranes.
J Gandhara Med Dent Sci Jan ;3(2):18-22.

OBJECTIVE: To determine the frequency of pyrexia in patients with prelabor rupture of membranes METHODOLOGY: This descriptive (cross sectional) study was conducted in Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Khyber Teaching Hospital, Peshawar from 12th January 2016 to 13th July 2016.Sample size was 369,keeping 4% proportion of pyrexia among women with PROM,95% confidence interval and 2%margin of error under WHO sample size calculation. All women with any age or parity who presented with prelabor rupture of membranes were included in the study. RESULTS: In this study, 369 women with PROM were observed.41(11.1%) patients were less than 20 years,139(37.7%) were in 21-30years age range,179(48.5%) were in age group 31-40years and only 10(2.7%) were more than 41 years age. Average age was 29.53+6.3SD.The pyrexia among women with PROM was observed in 39(10.57%)women, being more common in 31-40 years age group where it was noticed in 20(11.2%),followed by 21-30years age where 14(10.1%)patients were pyrexial. CONCLUSION: Pyrexia is an enormous public health problem, accounting for the majority of cases of PROM in this part of the country.

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