Bilal Khattak, Faiz-ur Rahman, Irfan-ul Islam Nasir, Muhammad Iftikhar, Imtiaz Ahmad Khattak, Zia-ur Rehman.
Single Layer Extra-Mucosal Interrupted Anastomoses; Revalidated.
J Gandhara Med Dent Sci Jan ;2(1):22-6.

Objective: To evaluate the safety regarding anastomotic failure of single layer interrupted extra mucosal intestinal anastomosis in comparison with double layer intestinal anastomosis Methodology: This prospective comparative study was conducted in surgical A unit of Lady reading Hospital Peshawar from 1st June 2007 to 1st February 2008 (8 months).Patients were divided into two groups, each comprising 60 patients. First 60 consecutive patients were included in Group A, for single layer extra mucosal anastomosis while Group B included last 60 consecutive patients for double layer inverting anastomosis (continuous inner and interrupted outer Lambert sutures). All the cases were admitted through OPD and emergency. The safety of two techniques of anastomosis was analyzed by comparing the outcome in terms of complications. Results: In this study, anastomosis leakage occurred only in 4 (3.33%) patients, one (1.67%) in group A and three (5%) in group B with a P-Value 0.138. Mean age of patient in group A was 36.15 years (+/- 6.0 years) and in group B was 33.25 years (+/- 5.5 years). Conclusion: Single layer extra-mucosal anastomosis has least anastomotic leakage and other complication like wound infection, septicemia, and collection and burst abdomen than in patients with double layer investing anastomosis.

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