Zehra W, Hazir T, Nisar Y B, Krishin J, Matloob Azam, Hassan M.
Widespread skeletal Tuberculosis in a two years old girl.
J Pak Med Assoc Jan ;53(10):498-9.

A 2 years old female child vaccinated for TB, presented with complaints of fever and multiple bony swellings with discharging pus for the last nine months. She had been to many general practitioners and was repeatedly diagnosed as osteomyelitis and received multiple courses of oral as well as injectable antibiotics. Over a period of time new swellings continued to appear with eventual formation of sinuses. A diagnostic incision and drainage was done and material sent for ZN stain, culture and histopathology. AFB stain turned to be negative. Histopathology showed granulomatous inflammation consistent with TB. The patient was diagnosed as having widespread tuberculous osteomyelitis.

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