Khalid Aziz, Muhammad Usman, Muhammad Faisal Fahim.
E-Learning among University Students During COVID-19.
J Bahria Uni Med Dental Coll Jan ;10(4):325-6.

Somewhere in the beginning of March 2020, State Government suddenly announced the closure of all educational institutions as a preventive measure to restrict the spread of novel coronavirus. It has been over five months since the government has completely shut down the educational institutions. Recently there is an announcement that Universities will reopen in the mid of September 2020. As the days pass by with no instant solution to stop the outbreak of covid-19, the educational processes came to a standstill due to closure of the universities and colleges. In order to restore the ongoing process of learning majority universities in Pakistan have now quickly shifted to e-learning. This pandemic has transformed the old methods of teaching with the new technology driven methods.

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