Ejaz Khan, Rovnat Babazade.
Late onset postpartum eclampsia complicated with posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome.
Anesth Pain Intens Care Jan ;24(2):234-6.

Posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome (PRES) is a rare entity characterized by headache, vomiting, visual disturbances, seizure and unconsciousness with characteristic magnetic resonance imaging. Late onset postpartum eclampsia complicated by PRES has been reported in the literature, We report a unique case of 23-year-old patient who developed late onset postpartum eclampsia complicated by PRES and acute kidney injury requiring renal replacement therapy. The case report emphasizes the need to continue antihypertensive medication in hypertensive parturients during postpartum period for at least 6 weeks as frequency of late postpartum eclampsia is high. The medication should be tapered off slowly to avoid reactive hypertensive episode which might trigger PRES and acute kidney injury.

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