Nisa Mohsin.
Double uterus with single cervix..
Professional Med J Jan ;27(05):1089-91.

Mullerian duct anomalies are congenital defects of female genital system that arise from abnormal embryological development of the mullerian ducts. A didelphys uterus, also known as double uterus is one of the least common amongst mullein duct anomalies. This report discuss a case of 25 years old girl, married since 6 years with one missed miscarriage 4 years back. Her complains were severe dysmenorrhea and dyspareunia. Ultrasound scans showed double uterus with left ovarian endometriosis cyst. On laparotomy there was right sided communicating rudimentary uterus with small fallopian tube and normal ovary attached to it. Another enlarged non communicating uterine horn was present at right side, with dilated tube and cystic ovary attached to it. Resection of noncommunicating uterine horn with salpingoopherectomy was done.

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