Ikram Ali, Muhammad Kashif, Muhammad Owais Aziz, Haider Darain.
Gossypiboma: a case study of medical error in obstetrician Tertiary Care Hospital..
Professional Med J Jan ;27(05):1085-8.

Pakistan is striving hard to achieve millennial developmental goals by considering multiple factors. However, maternal mortality and morbidity due to medical errors remain unnoticed and undocumented due to lack of reporting system. This case report is based on a multigravida, who presented with severe abdominal pain and tenderness. She was on multiple medications after five months of three consecutive surgeries including initial surgery for uterine rupture during labor. On examination, a mass was noticed in the umbilical region. A foreign body was suspected on ultrasound and diagnosed as gossypiboma after surgery. It is usually misdiagnosed and needs attention especially considering differential diagnosis in post-operative patients. Such errors might be avoided by properly counting number of gauze pieces before and after an intervention, and usage of radio opaque gauze pieces.

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