Marrium Gul, Irfan Qadir, Muhammad Qasim Butt.
Bouveret\'s syndrome: a challenging case of gastric outlet obstruction..
Professional Med J Jan ;27(06):1316-9.

Bouveret’s syndrome causes gastric outlet obstruction when a gallstone is impacted in the duodenum or stomach via a bilioenteric fistula. We present case of a 40-year-old female presented with epigastric pain and intractable vomiting for 2 days. Her physical examination and laboratory workup including blood analysis, amylase test and lipase test were normal. Plain abdominal X-ray did not show any signs of small bowel obstruction. A nasogastric tube was placed and drained 2.5 L of gastric contents immediately. Esophagogastroduodenoscopy showed a dilated stomach with excessive secretions and a large blackish-brown hard stone in the duodenal bulb. After failed attempt at endoscopic extraction, patient underwent laparotomy and removal of stone via duodenal incision. Subsequently, the patient exhibited a good postoperative recovery. The condition of the patient has remained stable after being followed up for one year.

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