Huma Iqbal, Asim Khurshid, Ayesha Fayyaz.
Multiple organ dysfunction in children admitted at pediatric intensive care unit of the Children Hospital, Multan..
Professional Med J Jan ;27(11):2345-9.

Objectives: Multiple organ dysfunction syndrome (MODS) is commonly encountered by pediatricians in Pediatric Intensive care Units (PICUs) among critically ill children. This study was done to find out the frequency of MODS in children admitted at PICU. Study Design: Case series. Setting: Department of Pediatrics Medicine, The Children’s hospital and the Institute of Child Health, Multan. Period: From May to November 2019. Material & Methods: Variables recorded for each case included age, gender, residential status, maternal education, height, weight and BMI. Venous blood sample was sent to the hospital pathology laboratory for baseline investigations to diagnose MODS. Results: Of these 101 study cases, majority, 61 (60.4 %) were male, 51 (50.5 %) belonged to rural areas, 74 (73.3%) from middle income families and 72 (71.3%) mothers of admitted children were illiterate. Overall mean age was 3.62 ± 1.95 years while mean body mass index was 24.85 ± 2.20 kg/m.2 Mean duration of PICU stay was 4.31 ± 3.39 day and 69 (68.3 %) had duration of PICU stay up to 5 days. Of these 101 study cases, multiple organ dysfunction was noted in 33 (32.7%). Conclusion: High Frequency of MOD was observed among children admitted to PICU. MODS was found to have association with male gender, residential status as rural, maternal education status as illiterate, obesity and duration of PICU of more than 5 days.

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