Maham Qazi, Maria Mir Jan, Junaid Zeb, Muslihud Din, Mohammad Zarin, Farah Naz, Yahya Khan.
Evaluation of early post-operative pain and seroma formation in transabdominal pre-peritoneal (TAPP) repair of groin hernias with light weight mesh placement..
Professional Med J Jan ;27(11):2279-83.

Objectives: To share our experience with laparoscopic surgery using TAPP technique, for groin hernias using light weight parietene mesh, to find out early post operative pain and foreign body sensation as complications. Study Design: Cross sectional study. Setting: Department of Surgery Khyber Teaching Hospital Peshawar. Period: January 2018 till August 2018. Material & Methods: A sample of 100 patients was recruited into study. All patients underwent standard transabdominal preperitonial repair with light weight Mesh. Data was collected by predesigned Performa and analyzed with SPSS 21. Results: Out of 100 patients 98% were male, 2% female, mean age was 43.2± 5.3years (minimum 17years and maximum 64years). Regarding frequency of type of hernia data showed 68% patients had indirect inguinal hernia while 32% patients had direct inguinal hernia. 65% patients had right sided inguinal hernia, 26% left sided while 9% had bilateral inguinal hernia. Post operative hospital stay showed hematoma in 5% patients, seroma in 12% patients, wound infection in 8% of patients while foreign body sensation in 4% patients. Conclusion: Most of the patients presented were of middle age. Indirect inguinal hernia was more frequent than direct inguinal hernia. Common complications apart from pain were seroma formation, hematoma, wound infection and foreign body sensation.

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