Hina Sultan, Subha Malik.
Drugs abuse, health hazards and antisocial activities among University Students of Lahore, Pakistan.
Rawal Med J Jan ;45(3):694-7.

Objective: To examine the frequencies and percentages of drugs abuse and to assess its relationship with health hazards and antisocial activities among university students. Also, to study gender and birth order differences accordingly. Methodology: Adopting descriptive correlational research strategy, a purposive sample of 300 undergraduate students (men=150, women=150), with an average age of 20.4 years, was taken. Following all ethical procedures, data was collected from Government College University (n=150) and University of Management and Technology (n=150) of Lahore, Pakistan from April 2018 to June 2018. Data was collected through a Pre-Designed Questionnaire and analyzed by SPSS version 23. Results: Outcomes indicated that out of 300 students, 16(5.3%) were consuming alcohol, 49(16.3%) taking marijuana while 65(21.6%) were relaxation drugs users and 81(27.0%) smokers. Consequently, results showed that there was a significant positive association between drug abuse, health hazards, and antisocial behaviors among students. Moreover, gender and birth order were important factors for students who indulged in drug abuse. Conclusion: In short, drug abuse among youth has become a serious issue in Pakistan. Government and university administration should introduce constructive laws to protect the students from such damaging activities.

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