Sidra Yasmeen, Rafia Usman, Sultan Ayaz, Fatima Qamar, Syeda Zainab, Halima Sadia, Hira Munir, Amaris Arif, Sadia Shakeel, Aqib Zahoor, Kashifa Khanum, Zubair Uddin Faridi.
Quality and Potency Analysis of IVY Leaf Extract.
RADS J Pharm Pharmaceut Sci Jan ;8(1):58-62.

The current study was conducted with the aim to evaluate Ivy leaf extract to authenticate the quality of extract. Evaluation was conducted on different physicochemical factors of extract that include physical appearance, organoleptic properties and solubility. Loss on drying, microbial analysis and heavy metal analysis was also carried out to execute the safety of extract. High performance liquid chromatography was executed to evaluate the presence of Hederacoside C in Ivy leaf extract employing phosphoric acid 85 %, acetonitrile, water (2:140:860 v/v/v) as a mobile phase. Extract exhibited greenish brown color, distinctive odor and sweet taste. An Ivy extract was found in agreement of the allowable microbial limit as well as with the heavy metal contents limit. The presence of Hederacoside C in Ivy leaf extract was confirmed by HPLC. The current evaluation reveals conformity with all the analytical procedures. Hence Ivy leaf extract is well standardized formulation at the base line consideration.

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