Saima Naz Shaikh, Khalida Shaikh, Hirasaeed, Roomi Aijaz, Shujaullah Talib, Zeeshan-ul Haque.
Is tobacco smoking correlated with hearing loss? a comparative observational study in healthy adult males.
Isra Med J Jan ;12(3):131-5.

Objective: To determine the correlation of hearing loss with tobacco smoking in healthy adult males. Study Design: Comparative observational study Place and Duration: Power laboratory of Physiology Department, LUMHS Jamshoro, from 7th July 2016 to 7th December 2016. Methodology: Total 238 students and employees both smoker and non-smokers were studied with Audiometer MAICO-MA 39 (Berlin Germany) used for audiometry. Controlled intensity pure tones were produced to the one ear at a time and least volume required to hear each tone was graphed. The air conduction threshold was measured and graphs were plotted on audio gram. Results: Mean of hearing loss degree was significantly higher 45.23 +- 4.12 decibels of smokers as compare to non-smokers 27.11 +- 3.22 decibels, p-value 0.021. Positive correlation was found between hearing loss and smoking frequency; r=value 0.266. Positive correlation was found between hearing loss and duration of smoking r=value 0.245 and p-value 0.01. Conclusion: Tobacco smoking has adverse effects on hearing status. Hearing loss had significant positive correlation with prolonged duration of smoking and elevated quantity of smoking.

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