Mazhar-ul Haq, Rukhsana Khan, Arshia Bilal, Lajpat, Saira Almas, Muhammad Ali Balouch, Shahida Khan.
Knowledge and practices regarding infant and young child feeding among mothers\' children 0-23 months of matli, district badin, sindh.
Pak J Public Health Jan ;10(1):54-9.

Background: Lack of proper practices account for the deaths of 1.4 million children of <5 years globally. Optimal Infant and Young Child Feeding practices are recognized as the most valuable approach for improving child survival and development. We aimed to assess the knowledge and practices and to determine the factors affecting Infant and Young Child Feeding practices among mothers of children 0-23 months of Taluka Hospital Matli, Badin District, Sindh Methods: A descriptive hospital-based cross-sectional study was conducted with the sample of 279 mothers visiting pediatric OPD of Taluka Hospital Matli, Badin District, Sindh-Pakistan from 1st October to 31st December 2016. The sample was collected by using non probability consecutive sampling technique and structured pretested questionnaire. Results: 94% of women had the knowledge of when to start breastfeeding after delivery. There is a strong association between maternal education and 0-23 month’s children receiving bottle feed and also a strong association between the information providers and bottle feeding practice. Conclusion: We have found a good dependence of birth weight of the newborn with the monthly income of the household. LHWs and nurses were main sources of information provider about breastfeeding.

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