Javaid Hassan, Shafiq-ur Rehman, Inayat Shah, Muhammad Irfan Shereen, Zain-ul Abideen, Henna Salman.
Testosterone in patients of erectile dysfunction with and without diabetes mellitus type 2.
Pak J Physiol Jan ;16(4):3-5.

Introduction: Testosterone administration increase rigidity and duration of erection in patients of erectile dysfunction. There is strong association of Erectile dysfunction with increasing age and decrease in the level of testosterone. The effects of deficiency of male hormones on sexual performance mainly by inhibiting the production or action of male hormones. Objective To find out prolactin in erectile dysfunction patients with/without Diabetes Mellitus and compare the difference in Testosterone levels of Erectile dysfunction patients across the two groups of diabetic and non-diabetic patients. Methodology A comparative cross-sectional study was conducted on 100 diabetics and 100 non-diabetic patients to assess Testosterone, both total and free was determined in patients of Erectile dysfunction with and without Diabetes Mellitus type-2. Calibrator measurements were also performed for testosterone. Independent sample t-test was performed for comparison between the two groups. Results Majority of patients were 40-49 years old (44.5%). Duration of Erectile Dysfunction was higher in Diabetic patients compared to Non-Diabetics. Free testosterone was significantly low in Diabetic group with a P value of 0.049. Conclusions There was no significant difference between the two groups in case of total testosterone.

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