Syed Adeel Ahmed, Safia Anwar, Imtiaz-ul Haq.
Evaluation of Quality of Root Canal Obturation, Coronal Restoration and Periapical Health in Failed Endodontically Treated Teeth.
J Bahria Uni Med Dental Coll Jan ;11(2):54-9.

Objective: To investigate the implication of quality of obturation and coronal restoration on periapical tissue in failed endodontically treated teeth. Study Design and Setting: This cross-sectional research was performed in the Operative Department of BUMDC on 187 patients reporting with root canal failure from March 2019 to August 2019. Methodology: Patients of both genders aged between 20-60 years were considered for this study. Single and multirooted teeth indicated for repeated endodontic treatment due to under filled, overfilled obturation, voids in obturation, absence and presence of coronal restoration were included. One operator carried out clinical examination of the teeth and periapical radiograph was taken for each patient by using E-Speed film and evaluated by the same operator using an illuminated viewer box. SPSS 17 for windows software was used for data entering and chi- square test was applied for statistical calculation of the outcomes. Results: Total n=187 endodontic treated failed teeth were evaluated, out of which 52.9% were of females and 47.1% to males. The number of obturations with acceptable length were 81(43.3%), with adequate density were 107 (57.2%) and with consistent taper were 116(62%). Periapical lesion was observed in 118(63.1%) cases. Quality of obturation significantly affects the periapical health. Cross tabulation showed a significant association (p-value <0.000) between inadequate coronal restoration and changes in periapical area. Conclusion: The successful prognosis of the root canal treatment relies on the good quality of obturation and adequate coronal filling.

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