Farooq Ahmed, Sajjad Ali, Lubna Kashif, Ahsan Sethi, Usman Mahboob, Kashif `anwar.
Developing and validating the IP-SRP (impact of pandemics over surgical residency program) tool in a tertiary care hospital setting.
J Med Sci Jan ;29(01):17-20.

Objectives: To develop and validate a survey to be used for determining the impact of pandemics on residents working in Surgical and allied disciplines in a teaching hospital. Materials and Methods: We developed a survey tool in Khyber Medical College Peshawar and reviewed it using the steps followed in AMEE guide 87. After face, content and construct validation, internal consistency and test-retest reliability were calculated by Cronbach alpha on standardized items and Pearson "r" respectively with the help of SPSS-25. Results: During the process, a 28-item survey tool was reduced to 16 items. The items were grouped under 5 sections named as preliminary data, Skills, Academic activities, impact over research activities and impact over examination preparations and schedules. The responses of all sections are in the Likert scale (with options from 4-6) while one section`s response is in "yes/no/unsure. The results of the Pilot study revealed Cronbach`s alpha of 0.7 and Pearson "r" for test-retest reliability on all items as 0.7 to 1. Conclusion: IP-SRP survey is a new validated tool with good validity and reliability that can be used by healthcare professionals in times of pandemics, calamities, and natural disasters that strike the world population locally, regionally, or globally.

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