Samina Fida, Saba Saif, Hala Mansoor, Javed Iqbal.
Association of Vitamin-D levels with Sleep Disturbances.
Esculapio J Services Inst Med Sci Jan ;16(4):105-9.

Objective: Vitamin-D insufficiency and sleep disturbance, both are common problems worldwide and much more common in our part of world. Two problems are associated with each other, which make the situation worse especially locally where over the counter use of even sedatives is common. Vitamin D levels and sleep quality index has been measured and association recorded in our study. Methods: This cross-sectional analytic study was conducted in Division of Medicine, CMH Lahore from 5th April 2019 to 5th Sep 2019. A total of 106 patients presenting to medicine OPD with symptoms of Vitamin-D insufficiency& low Vitamin-D levels were included in the study. PSQI score was calculated. Post treatment follow up Vitamin-D levels and Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index score were recorded. Data was entered and analyzed by using spss software version 20. Results: Following 106 patients presenting to medical OPDs with Vitamin-D insufficiency, Mean Vitamin-D levels at first visit were +-20.30 with standard deviation of +-13.14 (CI 95%) , PSQI score in first visit was 7(SD+-2.66, CI 95%) Mean Vitamin-D levels in second visit after treatment was 83.5(SD+-20, CI 95%). PSQI score mean 3.1(SD 1.8, CI 95%). Odds ratio of 3.9(95% CI: 1.20, 12.7), Chi-Square 5.62 with p value .018 was found in first visit and 8.3 (95% CI: 3.15, 22.0) ,Chi-Square 20.9 with p value <.001 for second visit indicating significant association of Vitamin-D deficiency with poor sleep score. Conclusion: Sleep disturbance is associated with low Vitamin-D levels depicting as high Pittsburgh score whereas score decreases with increasing Vitamin-D levels.

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