Rukhshan Khurshid, Lubna Amer, Sumera Saghir, Saima Rasheed, Ayesha Siddiqa, Huma Ashraf.
Assessment of Antibacterial Activities of Leaves Extract of Some Citrus Fruits Against Pathogenic Bacteria.
Esculapio J Services Inst Med Sci Jan ;16(03):86-90.

Objectives: Study was planned to assess the Antibacterial Activities of leave extract of some Citrus Fruits against Pathogenic Bacteria. Methods: The fresh leaves of Citrus grandis, Citrus reticulata, and Citrus limon plant were collected. The plants were recognized phenotypically and confirmed for taxonomic character by P.C.S.I.R Laboratory Lahore. Microbial Strains including strains of Staph. aureus and Salmonella typhi, which were taken from clinical Laboratory of Fatima Jinnah Medical University Lahore. The antimicrobial activity of the powdered form of Citrus leaves was tested against the strains of bacteria through disc diffusion method and the zone of inhibition was noted. Results: Antibacterial activities by ethanol extracts of C. lemon and C. reticulate were observed with inhibition zone 2.75 mm and activity index 0.675 against S. aureus. However, low antibacterial activities of C. paradisi were noted against S. aureus and S. typhi. On the other hand, low antibacterial activity of C. lemon and C. reticulata was observed against S. typhi. Conclusion: The results obtained in the study show that the leaves of C. lemon and C. reticulate exhibit higher antibacterial activity as compared to C. paradesi, which may be due to the presence of large amounts of flavonoid and phenolic compounds. Key words: Citrus fruits, antibacterial activity, S. aureus, Salmonella typhi

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