Zeenat Fatima, Yarmiyah Rashaquat.
Effect of hydrotherapy on spasticity and gross motor functions among spastic cerebral palsy children.
Pak J Rehabil Jan ;8(1):13-8.

OBJECTIVES: To determine the effects of hydrotherapy therapy on spastic cerebral palsy children using Modified ashworths scale and Gross motor functional classification scale after 32 weeks of training protocol. STUDY DESIGN: Quasi experimental study. STUDY SETTING: Liaquat National Hospital. PARTICIPANTS: Spastic (diplegic, hemiplegic and quadriplegic) cerebral palsy children. INTERVENTIONS: 58 Spastic Cerebral Palsy were assessed on the basis of modified Ashworth scale and gross motor function measure for spasticity and change in gross motor function respectively. Assessment was done, before and at the end of 10th week. Each therapy session was of40-45 minutes thrice a week in a pool with the temperature maintained at 32°C-34°C and at the end cool down activities were performed. RESULTS: Results indicated marked improvement in Muscle tone and Gross Motor Functioning of the enrolled children with p=0.001. CONCLUSIONS: It was concluded that pool therapy is effective in reducing spasticity and improving gross motor functions among CP.

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