Nusrat Sharif, Muhammad Sajid Munir, Muhammad Arshad, Shahid Nazir, Shadab Hassan, Muhammad Rizwan Ullah.
Outcome of Conjunctival Auto Graft Surgery in Pterygium.
Al-Shifa J Ophthalmol Jan ;15(3):39-42.

The main aim of this prospective interventional study was to report the outcomes of pterygium surgery with limbal conjunctival auto graft in terms of graft success and preventing the recurrence of pterygium. The key point in excision of Pterygium was to start the topical treatment with steroids and antibiotic combination to quite the inflamed tissue and then proceed with surgery. The success point of the surgery was that the graft tissue loosely attached to the margin of the tissue left behind after excision. Any cases of graft rejection or recurrence were reported.

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