Saira Afzal, Muhammad Hasan Masood, Fariha Salman, Khalid Masud Gondal, Amber Arshad.
The Effect of COVID-19 Pandemic on Performance of Postgraduate Medical Trainee Doctors: a Nationwide Epidemiological study in Pakistan..
J Coll Physicians Surg Pak Jan ;31(2):182-7.

To find out various organizational, personal, and systemic factors influencing the performance of the postgraduate trainee doctors in managing COVID-19 pandemic. Analytical cross-sectional study. Conducted in various medical institutions of Pakistan from 15th  April to 30th  June, 2020. An analytical cross-sectional study was conducted on 11,656 postgraduate doctors. They were contacted through the e-log system of College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan. Semi-structured questionnaire was used consisting of demographic details, presenting symptoms, systemic involvements, clinical features, diagnostic tests, management of cases, authenticity of the  information used, telemedicine services, practice of preventive measures, training and interactive educational activities, performance-based tasks and details about workplace environment. Mean and standard deviation was reported for continuous variables. Bivariate and multivariate analyses were used to report p values. Among 11,656 postgraduate doctors, 3,193 (27.4%) were directly involved in the management of COVID-19 patients in designated special corona facilities. Multivariate analysis was performed to control confounders. The risk factors, found statistically significant with performance, were presence of comorbidity (OR 1.261; 95% C.I.1.06-1.50), allergic and autoimmune disorders (OR 1.18; 95% C.I.1.03-1.35), confirmed COVID-19 status due to exposure (OR 0.570; 95% C.I.0.41-0.81), and care provision to old parents (OR 1.299; 95% C.I.1.19-1.42). The effect of COVID-19 on performance of postgraduate doctors was multi-factorial. Significant risk factors were presence of a comorbidity, allergic and autoimmune disorders, and confirmed COVID-19 due to exposure. Key Words: COVID 19, Postgraduate trainee, Pandemic, Comorbidity, PCR.

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