Hamza Hassan Mirza, Abul Khair Zalan, Anser Maxood, Anika Gul, Zainab Memon, Muhammad Sulaiman.
Peripheral Giant Cell Granuloma of Posterior Maxilla in a 9-Year Child..
J Coll Physicians Surg Pak Jan ;30(4):475-7.

Peripheral giant cell granuloma is a relatively uncommon benign reactive gingival lesion of the oral cavity. A 9-year boy presented with a painless, slow-growing, reddish-blue, soft tissue lesion on attached gingiva adjacent to maxillary right first and second premolars, which was interfering with eating. A periapical radiograph demonstrated focal alveolar bone loss and slight teeth displacement adjacent to the lesion. Diagnosis of peripheral giant cell granuloma was made through clinical and radiographic evaluation, by its typical presentation and correlation with histopathologic findings. Complete excision was carried out down to the underlying bone. A follow-up visit was scheduled after 7 days and deep scaling was performed. There was no recurrence three months post-excision. Timely detection and excision of this lesion is important to avoid future dentoalveolar problems. Key Words: Giant cell granuloma, Benign, Peripheral, Child.

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