Roshina Anjum, Wajid Abdullah, Salman Tahir Shafi, Tahir Shafi.
Ascites reinfusion dialysis in patients with idiopathic dialysis ascites.
J Sharif Med Dent Coll Jan ;2(01):36-8.

ABSTRAC Idiopathic dialysis ascites is an ascites of unknown etiology in patients with end stage renal disease. Here, we describe two hemodialysis patients, who had idiopathic dialysis ascites with poor response and tolerance to ultrafiltration and intermittent paracentesis. Ascites reinfusion dialysis was performed in these patients, during which ascites fluid was infused into arterial line of blood circuit while performing conventional hemodialysis with ultrafiltration. Both patients tolerated the procedure well with reduction in abdominal ascites. Ascites reinfusion dialysis is a safe and effective treatment option for patients on hemodialysis with idiopathic dialysis ascites. Keywords: Ascites. Hemodialysis. Paracentesis. Ultrafiltration.

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