Nabeela Iqbal Khan, Syed Khalid Shah, Shamima Hanif.
Eosinophilic ascites with marked peripheral eosinophilia in a middle aged female.
J Postgrad Med Inst Jan ;33(3):263-5.

Eosinophilic disease of gastrointestinal tract is an uncommon condition characterized by non-specific gastrointestinal symptoms in association with peripheral eosinophilia. Depending upon the predominantly involved layer, three types (mucosal, muscular and sub serosal) are described. The later being the most uncommon variant characterized by eosinophilic ascites and peripheral eosinophilia. Endoscopic biopsy is usually non-diagnostic due to uninvolved GI mucosa, thus peripheral hyper-eosinophilia and ascitic fluid rich in eosinophils are the mainstay for the diagnosis. We report a 40 years old female who presented with abdominal distention for 3 weeks. Ascitic fluid analysis showed an exudative picture with raised protein and moderate cellularity with 65% eosinophills. Endoscopic biopsy showed nonspecific chronic inflammatory changes with no evidence of eosinophilic infiltration.

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