Uzma Awan, Hamna Khawaja, Raheela Yasmeen, Sajjad Ahmed.
Pattern of Tooth Loss in patients with Partial Edentulism.
J Sharif Med Dent Coll Jan ;4(1):31-4.

Objective: To determine the prevalence and pattern of partial edentulism among dental patients attending the Dental OPD, Sharif Medical & Dental College, Lahore. Methodology: It was a cross-sectional epidemiological survey conducted at Dental OPD, Sharif Medical & Dental College (SMDC), Lahore. The study was approved by the ethical committee of the hospital. Two hundred and forty eight patients were enrolled in the study by consecutive sampling technique. Data was collected by intraoral examination of the patients for missing teeth. The frequencies of missing teeth were measured by gender and location in the arch. The causes of tooth loss were documented according to the history given by the patients. The data was analyzed using the SPSS version 22. Results: The results of this study reveal that the incidence of partial edentulism in the maxillary and mandibular arches was 54% in Kennedy's class III, 25.9% in class II, 11.2% in class I and 8.9% in class IV. Dental caries was the most common reason for tooth loss in class I, II and III whereas in class IV, trauma was the most common cause. Conclusion: Edentulism is more prevalent in mandibular arches. Kennedy's class III dental arch is the most common pattern both in the maxillary and mandibular arches. Dental caries is the most common reason of tooth loss. Keywords: Partial edentulism. Kennedy's class. Dental caries

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