Samina Khalid, Shaista Mehmood, Shawana Saeed, Qurat-ul Ain Asif, Sehar Fayyaz, Laila Afzal, Muhammad Shahid Iqbal.
Utilization of Contraceptive services by Females Visiting Reproductive Health Center at Sharif Medical City Hospital.
J Sharif Med Dent Coll Jan ;4(1):26-30.

Objective: To assess the utilization of contraceptive services by females visiting Reproductive Health Center, Sharif Medical City Hospital (SMCH), Lahore. Methodology: It was a cross-sectional descriptive epidemiological study which included 150 females attending the Reproductive Health Centre of SMCH over a period of one month. Convenient non-probability sampling technique was used. The study was approved by the ethical committee of the hospital. The data was collected through a questionnaire which was analyzed by using SPSS 23. Results: Most of the women were educated housewives (87.3%) while 12.7% were employed. Majority of the women (53.2%) received information about family planning from health professionals and 90.7% women were aware of different family planning methods. Eighty one (54%) respondents were using different contraceptive methods. Sixteen percent were using oral contraceptive pills, 16% were using intrauterine contraceptive devices (IUCDs), 11.1% were on injectable contraceptives, 19.8% had tubal ligation, 29.7% and 6.2% of the respondents husbands were using condoms and withdrawal methods and1.2% respondents husbands were operated for the vasectomy. Conclusion: The use of contraceptives is not based on knowledge and awareness. Nearly 90.7% of the women had family planning knowledge. The frequency of contraceptive use is comparatively low in our setup despite high levels of awareness. Illiteracy, poor contraceptive delivery system, the desire of male child, pressure from husband, extended family system and fear of side effects are the main factors responsible for low usage of contraception. Keywords: Family planning. Contraception. Reproductive Health Center:

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