Umer Kazi, Asiya Saleem, Munawar Hussain Ghulam Ali, Abdul Sattar Abro, Mazhar-ul Haque, Hina Khan.
Frequency of Refractive error in children with strabismus at tertiary Care Hospital Gadap Town, Karachi.
Professional Med J Jan ;28(05):686-90.

Objectives: This was conducted to determine frequency of various refractive errors with types of strabismus among the age group of 5-15 years children visited in the tertiary eye care hospital Gadap town, Karachi. Study Design: Cross Sectional Analytical Study. Setting: Al-Ibrahim Eye Hospital. Period: May 2019 to November 2019. Material & Methods: This study was conducted on 300 strabismic subjects with a mean age of 5 to 15 years by non-probability convenience sampling. All respondents underwent visual acuity assessment by Snellen chart with and without correction, pinhole method, and fundus examination by retinoscope, Cardiff card, cover/uncover test, cycloplegic refraction by cyclopentolate 1%, and ocular movement examination. Results: Out of 300 patients, 43(14.3%) subjects were diagnosed as strabismus with refractive error. 20(46.5%) were boys, while 23(53.5%) were girls with a mean age of 9.62 +- 3.1. The hyperopic 20(46.5 %), 17(39.6 %) myopic, and 6(13.9%) had astigmatism. Conclusion: Strabismus was more frequently observed in females than in males. Hyperopia was in Strabismic respondents than myopic and astigmatism. The esotropia was commonly seen in hypermetropia, Exotropia, in Myopia. The vertical and alternate not frequently seen are these respondents. Hence it is necessary to diagnose the children as early as possible to prevent them from other ocular manifestations.

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