Maryam Panhwar, Shazia Parveen Rajpar, Nida Talpur, Qaiser Ali Baig, Kantesh Kumar, Munir Ahmed Banglani.
Information technology (IT) application and challenges faced by medical and dental undergraduate students.
Rawal Med J Jan ;46(2):438-41.

Objective: To assess the usage of Information Technology (IT) and other types of software by medical and dental students. Methodology: This cross sectional study was done at Liaquat University of Medical Health Sciences, Jamshoro from July to October 2019 on undergraduate medical hostel residents` students. The survey used a questionnaire which consisted of three sections: (A B and C), containing multiple choice questions. Basic demographic questions (age, gender, and year) and usage of basic application on computer were also included in the questionnaire. Particular questions concerning about access and usage of internet, social networking, educational purpose and frequency of use, websites explored mostly, different online programs. In the last, we also asked opinion of students regarding institutional and teachers interest on usage of internet in medical education curriculum. Results: Out of 100 students, 62 were females and 38 male. Mean age was 21.749+-1.54 years (range 19-24). Overall result showed that 65% students spent limited hours in a day for internet access. Social networking was used by 40% students, 53% mostly used Facebook sites and 60% used YouTube medical videos for medical information. Conclusion: Internet was used by most of the medical and dental students, but they were not fully utilizing the E resources towards the learning process. Medical students reported low level of internet use, this due to the limited availability of the internet access facilities and provision of technical skill at their university.

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