Habib Ur Rehman, Mohammad Fazil, Faiz Mohammad Khan.
The etiology pattern of Pancytopenia in children upto 15 years.
Pak Armed Forces Med J Jan ;53(2):183-7.

Pancytopenia is a common finding (I%) in clinical practice. It is not a disease in itself but there are various causes of this clinical triad of anaemia, neutropenia and thrombocytopenia. The early diagnosis of the causation of Pancytopenia is important because most of these causes are treatable. This one year descriptive study was done to know the etiological pattern of Pancytopenia in children. The children who were selected for this study were upto the age of 15 years with clinical suspicion of Pancytopenia and special blood smear showing Pancytopenia. A total of 60 patients (0.85 % of the total admission in Paediatric ward) were included in this study. Males were 48 (80%) and females were 12 (20%). Age distribution was 0-5 year 30 cases (M=22, F = 8), > 5-10 years 20 cases (M=17, F=3), > 10 -15 years 10 cases (M-9, F- 1). Out of these 60 cases of Pancytopenia the cause was identified in 55 (91.57%) cases with the help of bone marrow examination and other supportive tests. In the remaining 5 (8.43%) the cause of Pancytopenia could not be identified. The common cause of Pancytopenia was aplastic anaemia followed by iron deficiency and megaloblastic anaemia. Mylodysplasia, ALL, Leishmaniasis, Malaria and Fanconi`s anaemia were found in the descending order.

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