Muhammad Aslam, Zubair Maqbool, Waqas Shabbir, Muhammad Asim Hameed, Kiran Namoos.
Diagnostic Accuracy of H. Pylori Fecal Antigen Test in Young patients Presenting with Dyspepsia.
Annals Punjab Med Coll Jan ;15(2):105-8.

Background: Eighty percent of the Pakistani population is suffering from gastric issues due to H. Pylori associated gastritis. Objective: To evaluate the diagnostic accuracy of HpSA test for H. Pylori infection in young patients presenting with dyspepsia taking standard Endoscopic Gastric Biopsy as gold standard. Study Design: Cross sectional study. Settings: Gastroenterology Department Lahore General Hospital, Lahore . Duration: 7 months from 20th June to 19th December 2016. Methodology: A total 110 patients (18-35 years) with dyspepsia were included after taking approval from ethics committee of LGH/PGMI. After taking consent, fecal antigen detection test and gastric biopsies were carried out on all patient. Biopsy specimens were processed and observed. Hp stool antigen test was assessed from stool samples using ELISA technique. Diagnostic accuracy, sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value and negative predictive value was measured by 2x2 contingency table. Results: A total of 60 patients (54.5%) had H.pylori infection as determined by gold standard biopsy whereas 76 (69.1%%) patients were reported positive using fecal antigen. There was 83.3% sensitivity, 48.0% specificity, 65.8% positive predictive value, 70.6% negative predictive and 67.3% diagnostic accuracy. Conclusion: HpSA test has acceptable diagnostic accuracy in comparison with biopsy.

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