Palwasha Gul, Imran Masoud, Kaukab Javed, Nazia Dildar, Tanzila Parveen, Samia Rauf.
Correlation of skeletal age using Gruelich and Pyle atlas with chronological age in Balochistan population.
Pak J Radiol Jan ;28(3):200-8.

Determination of bone age is a clinical procedure used in pediatric radiology to evaluate skeletal maturity on the basis of bone growth in the left hand and wrist, as seen on a radiograph. The determination of skeletal maturity (also referred to as bone age) plays an important role in the diagnosis and treatment of endocrinologic abnormalities and growth disorders in children. In clinical practice, the method most commonly used to assess bone age is matching of a radiograph of the left hand and wrist with the Greulich and Pyle atlas. 1

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