Ateeque Ahmed Khan, Sasui Memon, Mukhtiar Ahmed Memon.
Hyperreactio luteinalis: a rate association.
Pak J Radiol May ;28(1):69-71.

Abstract: Hyperreactio luteinalis is rare condition in which there is marked cystic enlargement of ovaries due to theca lutein cysts and is mostly associated with multiple pregnancies, recurrent abortions, hydatidiform mole and choriocarcinoma. It is commonly related to elevated level of human beta-HCG. Radiological imaging is essential in diagnosis of hyperreactio luteinalis since its misinterpretation at laprotomy and erroneous histological diagnosis can result in unnecessary surgery. We present a case report of hyperreactio luteinalis in 35 years old gravida 4, para 0, referred to our department for contrast enhanced CT (CECT) scan of abdomen and pelvis by gynaecological unit. This case is presented for its rarity along with its clinical and radiological findings as well as literature review.

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